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Lil' Princess
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Current Music:I miss my friend... - Darryl Worley
Subject:Dream like u'll live 4eva ...Live like u'll die tomorra
Time:10:35 am
Current Mood:sleepysleepy
Written on October 3rd... Updated today!
I'm making a list of things I want to do before I die.

I've never made one expect the one in my head that has kind of been accomplished ... Fall in love, go on vacation by myself out of canada, get good grades that kind of thing.

so here I go;

1) to travel on my own again...
2) see a murder trail
3) bungee jump
4) own a vw beetle
5) flash someone on the high way hahahahaha, I forgot, I did that. it was a cop! LMAO
6) stay out all night and day <-(I did... the night of the neon, with Cody and Sean) (And also very recently! Again with Sean and Cody... but with other ppl as well!lol)
7) get a portrait of myself
8) pamper myself from head to toe
9) hold a snake for longer then 1 minute (I own a snake and I hold her for hours!!! hellz yeah!)
10) travel first class
11) buy a house for my family
12) ride a motor cycle by myself
13) learn spanish
14) Have someone fall in love with me <- (Already done.. by Sean)
15) fall asleep on a bed of rose peddles
16) learn how to play piano
17) stick up for myself more
18) don't speak for a day <- that's done... only because I'm sick and can't talk...
19) find the love of my life and be with him forever
20) fall asleep under the stars
21) be a victoria secret model
22) come up with the best comeback ever
Updated October 4th:
23) Quit smoking
Updated October 6th:
24) Become a mother <-- half way done... I'm pregnant! (got results on november 8th, 2004)
25) invent a new recipe
26) Get my license
Updated October 7th:
27) Visit the playboy mansion!
Updated October 8th:
28) Dance naked on a picnic bench when I'm 85!
Updated October 13th:
29) help Krystle stay un-danza'd!! <- I think I've managed that one
Updated November 9th:
30) Talk to my father <- He called me christmas morning. Havent talked to him since.
Updated November20th:
31) Get a job! YAY! Le Chateau baby!!!
Updated December 17th:
32) not be sick anymore. Its pissing me off
Updated September 18th:
33) See sean OUT of jail... I want him out... as in NOW <--- he's out

I'll add more later
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Subject:my buddy
Time:12:18 pm
so my lil bro (well, Sean's little brother) found my faveorite song in a video and it made my morning!!! I love him!! hahaha... so anyways, yeah, an update... I don't know what I'm doing with my life still... some confusing shit... I dont know if my best friend is going to stab me in the back or not... I told her something and if it gets out, then I know it was her. And this secret could ruin my life. well, my love life anyway... gah! I'm so confused.

I need an old friend to talk to...

I need to talk to bailey!
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Time:11:29 am
my life is fucked. I dont know what I should be doing anymore. my heart is telling me one thing, and my sences are telling me another. The love of my life is locked away for quite some time now and all I want is for him to tell me how much he misses me. all he does is tell me how much he doesnt care. What did he expect me to do?! wait around and feel like shit? If he loved me he would want me to be happy right? yet all I have been doing was sitting around trying to prove to someone (who didnt care) just how much I actually did love him.
I just want to run... and not look back.
I just want to be myself and not care what other people think.
I'm sick of people -friends- judging my life and telling me what to do.
I'm sick of protecting people while my life is going to shit...
I have the biggest secret in the world, yet if I tell it, I lose a best friend.
yet I'm losing another in the process.....
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Time:11:22 am
Current Mood:amusedamused

Announcer: We now return to The Smurfs
Smurf 1: Yo, you have a good time last night?
Smurf 2: Smurftacular!
Smurf 1: Yeah I saw you leave with Smurfette.
Smurf 2: Oh man, as soon as we got out of the bar, she started smurfing me.
Smurf 1: Shut the smurf up!
Smurf 2: Yeah!
Smurf 1: Right in the smurfin' parking lot?
Smurf 2: Smurf yeah!
Smurf 1: Oh that is freakin' smurf.
Smurf 2: You smurf it. 


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Time:11:21 am
F u c K Y o U for fucKing with my head.
F u c K M e for beLieving everythiNg you said.
fuck everything you said it was all a f u c k i n g LiE
fuck all those Lies for fucking making me C r Y
F u c K all those teaRs. YouR not f u c k i N g worTh it
why cant you just f u c k i n g DiE?
because i canT fucking L i V e without you.
f u c k forever. it isnt reaL.
FuCk what YoU ThiNk. FuCk what i FeeL.
its fucking oveR now.
the f u c k i n g end.
fuck goodbye. 
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Current Music:the distant humming of my computer
Time:11:10 am
Current Mood:blahblah

i dont believe in fairytales.

 fuck magic. fuck love.

Illusions arnt real. ( ..so why do i still chase after them? )

 i dont believe in forever.      open your eyes...      escape those lies

 give me a chance. give me a life.

 flash. jump to anything being possible.

your fucking killing me.

i hate to love you...and you love to hate me

F u C k. T H i S.

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Time:02:35 pm
Your Homicidal Rampage! by crash_and_burn
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Time:04:35 pm
You are Brian Kinney! Totally sexy, drop dead gorgeous and a complete asshole.  While you pretend you don&apos;t believe in love, you believe in fucking, you do everything you can to keep
You are Brian Kinney!

Which Gale Harold are you?
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Current Music:my mom talking about Johnny Depp
Subject:YEAH BABY, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time:04:20 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused

You will marry Johnny depp. He has a mind of his
own and chooses movies mecause he likes the
idea, not to make money or become a hearthrob.
He will always respect you and stand up for
you. Congrats!!!

Which male celebrity are you going to marry? (now 12 (i just added more, and still more to come!)results that have pics!)
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Current Music:Fabolous/ft. Tamia - So into you
Time:12:21 pm
Current Mood:ecstaticecstatic
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Lil' Princess
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